Album Review: Veilburner – The Three Lightbearers

by Joe Cantamessa (admin) on September 1, 2014


Artist: Veilburner
Album: The Three Lightbearers
Release Date: August, 2014
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Extreme Metal
Rating: 5/5

Once again, Pennsylvania has sprouted up yet another spectacular band, called Veilburner. This album was sent to me before it’s release date in August so I could give it a listen and do an initial album review on it. What seemed like just another album review to me, actually turned into two weeks of constant listening and an “understanding” of the album as a whole. For fans of Lecherous Nocturne, Blut Aus Nord, and Nile, I highly recommend you continue reading this review and purchase this album!

Veilburner is a two-piece Extreme Metal band from Pennsylvania, and they deliver! Consisting of Chrisom Infernium on vocals (Torture Ascendancy), and the Producer of Torture Ascendancy (name is unknown…) on all other instruments, “The Three Lightbearers” is more than 11 tracks of music compiled into an album, it is a concept album that has a story to tell flowing from song to song. It’s not very often that you come across an album that you consistently listen to from beginning to end, but this album will surely change that for the listener.

“The Three Lightbearers” begins with the track ‘Gospel of Blood-Stained Void’, which puts the listener in a trance-like mindset and really catches your attention for what’s about to happen next. Chrisom’s vocals soon deteriorate that trance with those blood-pressure raising screams that make your hair raise, and then all Hell breaks loose at the one minute marker: blast beats under very driving guitar riffs, followed by technical guitars and chaotic vocals is what awaits the listener.

A track worth a special mention that stood out to me and really set the mood is ‘Solarcide’. This track begins with beautiful clean guitars which put the listener in the most euphoric state of mind, right before the phenomenal musicianship of this duo really defines what ambience and heavy mean as a whole. The chord progressions and voicings of the guitar work on ‘Solarcide’ (amongst others) is simply astounding and is very well thought out (I don’t know who the “unknown” member is, but I would like to find out!!). Chrisom’s vocals compliment this with his extremely diverse abilities to range from guttering lows to “Satanic Hymn” sounding cleans that make you feel as you are witnessing a sacrifice of some sort. ‘Solarcide’ ends and flows right into ‘Revelation Genesis’ which is a more aggressive track to remind you that the madness is not over.

The closing track ‘Damnation AD’ (preceded by an interlude ‘Idol Horror’ which you MUST listen to prior to it!!) really closes the page to this album. It is intense, heavy, fast, melodic, and flat out fucking scary sounding! The first minute of this song alone is so chaotic with the vocals of Chrisom Infernium that you literally have to rewind it a few times to make sure you aren’t losing your mind and are actually hearing demonic laughing in the background over top of the schizophrenic vocals Chrisom brings to the table. (I listened to this on my studio headphones and highly recommend the listener doing the same. There is PHENOMENAL production on this album, and a lot of production effects that must be appreciated and truly listened to.)

In closing, with “The Three Lightbearers”, you get more than just an album. I have spoken with Chrisom Infernium on numerous occasions (regarding music as a whole, and his extensive knowledge on religions and conspiracies of all kinds), and on this album you are getting deep and in-depth lyrics. These are not your typical death metal lyrics which have no substance, these are lyrics from an educated individual who means what he says. Do yourself a favor, and pick up “The Three Lightbearers” by Veilburner today!

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Album Review: Decaysia – From Chaos to Creation

by Joe Cantamessa (admin) on May 10, 2014

Artist: Decaysia
Album: From Chaos to Creation
Release Date: December 21, 2012
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Extreme Metal / Thrash
Rating: 5/5

**Note: Although this album was released in 2012, it still deserves recognition from Extreme Metal Fans all around until new material is released**

Just when you thought Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania had nothing else to offer you besides Dutch Country and the Liberty Bell; from the city of Allentown hails a hidden gem who call themselves Decaysia. Formed in November of 2009, Decaysia have surely made a name for themselves in the local metal scene with their ever so violent stage show and blistering musical abilities. Melodic, heavy, thrashy, and aggressive is what you will find within this 45+ minute CD. If you are a fan of Nevermore, Pantera, Vehemence, then I highly suggest you finish reading this review and then go buy the CD!

Attacking the microphone lies Paul ‘Gutrot’ Layton, whose vocals are just as aggressive as his stage presence. From barbed wire bats to machetes, Paul surely knows how to take control of the crowd and make them feel like they are part of the show. On bass is Chris Spencer who does exactly what his role requires by holding down that tight end (yes, pun intended). The monstrosity you hear and feel behind that drum set is brought to you by Tom Kapral. Now, onto my personal favorite part – the shredding guitars of Eric Voorhees and Steve Nichols. Steve brings more of a Dimebag Darrel vibe with his solos into Decaysia, using a lot more bends and wah pedal which is a nice break and allows you to feel his astonishing playing. On the other side of the stage (or speaker if you have yet to see Decaysia live, which I highly recommend!) is where you will hear Rusty Cooley, Chris Storey, and Jeff Loomis shredding away! Eric delivers shred at a new level, but it is not just mindless shredding as seen with most guitar players these days, Eric has feel and emotions within those 32nd note guitar solos!
From the first song on the album (track 1 being an intro), ‘Ravage’ simply gives you an idea of what you are in for: technicality, shredding, and brutality. Following that is my personal favorite, ‘Universal Lie’. I have listened to this song over and over again, and was able to break it down in explanation as a story: It starts off powerful and hopeful; as if you are entering an epic journey led by the guitar work of Steve Nichols. When the vocals come in, prepare yourself for battle! Eric Vorhees then delivers the slaying and dramatic guitar solo (which I must say, his note choices are impeccable). The song / journey then continues being very melodically driven by the whole bands performance. At the end of the journey, when all of your men are dead and you are left solace in the middle of uncharted territory, Paul’s vocals lead you into Steve’s emotionally driven guitar solo just as a reminder that you are alone. But wait! Right then, as Steve is finishing with his solo, you see one of your men raise his bloody arm from the battlefield as a sign of life, That is when Eric comes in with his yet again powerful and dramatic guitar solo as a sign of hope! Shredding away into oblivion, you then realize with your one last guy alive, there is hope. As you reach down to lift him up from the carcass filled battlefield, Eric’s arpeggios raise a sign of life and the journey is only beginning. With the epic music behind him, Paul then comes back in with his vocals to prove that it is not over.

‘From Chaos to Creation’ delivers. Bottom line. If you enjoy Extreme Metal, I highly recommend you pick yourself up a copy of this album. Decaysia are definitely an up and coming band you will want to follow and keep your eyes on in the near future. Follow the links below to keep updated with everything Decaysia; news, tours, etc.




by Phil [vmvpresident] on April 12, 2014

what a killer night bands solid the whole time, Pit was fucking off the CHAIN! Thanks
again HSR and Chris Nukala, Tuesday Teal Dylan Laviolette, Chris Birkley, Raptor Thrash, Marco Destructor, Nathan Mills
Cemetery Lust, and to all you maniacs who thrashed hard tonight!!! KILLER SHOW!!!! \m/

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