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Carrion Vael - Wings of Deliverance (Official Lyric Video)



Artist: Carrion Vael
Song: Wings of Deliverance
Album: Abhorrent Obsessions
Release date - 12th August 2022

Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal

“Wings of deliverance” - Jim Jones

Believe in, me Follow me to hell. Now drink
Door to door, do you want to save the whore?
Your bastardized sons that you adore?
You can be the disease, stand against the world and watch the powers that be deplete.
Endure with me, within the wings of deliverance.
The profit, the people, oh the sin,
wash it all away with the blood of the innocent.
Nine hundred 13 lives. Ritualistic Suicide.
I was chosen by God. You will not breathe Like my father before me.
You will plead to wheeze.
Hung on the cross, a river of death, yet to be blessed
With the son. With the savior just follow my sermon,
Your reward on this earth, shall be found.
Mother Devine
Move your soul. This jealous world will never understand the path that you’ve chose.
To be with me. I am the only father that you’ll need.
So, give to me, And work for me. Suffer to the end and die in glee.
Ohh my sweet angel, Come to me.
Nine hundred 13 lives, Ritualistic Suicide.
I was chosen by god.
Ultimate betrayal, No one leaves this world alone.
I am the martyr, so bow to your father, The sins of this world we leave all adultered.
Grooming your death, I’m the god you must follow. Into the dark now drink of the water
All of your pain, self-righteous and vain. They’ve come for your life but find death instead.
The children, the women, don’t be so sadistic this world is all over and now we must give in.
27 years I served you, and you sons of bitches Have the nerve to.
Question this death. Whip whip whip the trash.
Who fears this test. Weak, Disgraceful, amiss from all the shame you.
You Bring the rest Kill every motherfucker in this place.
Nine Hundred thirteen lives.
Ritualistic Suicide.

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